No Redirect? Configuration - Site

Hi all,

i just wanted to add a redirect via Admin => Configuration => Site => Redirects & Routes

I added: /times to /faq … actually two default pages … its not working. Any suggestions? Any hints where to look in the source code (are these redirects done in admin plugin? or is it the page controller?)

Any help is greatly appreciate,

Greets, Chris

Oh, just had a look at the source code /system/src/Grav/Common/Page/Pages.php and it looks like the first URL must result in a “not found” so that the testing for a redirect takes place. Both URLs i added to the redirect fields are existing. Fixed this by creating a none existing url. Maybe this post will safe someones elses time.

Greets, Chris

Yes otherwise if you have a page in /times, an existing URL in your case, Grav is going to serve that.