How to redirect pages with php extension

I’m moving a old php site in Grav.
I’d like to point old ulrs to new pages.
I tried to use route aliases in new page like this:

      - '/congressi.php?id_evento=296'

but I have “Page not found”.
Is it possibile to do it in Grav without to use .htaccess redirect?

Without seeing all your config, it’s hard to give you specific advice. All I can say is to review carefully the documentation and make sure you have everything in order:

Another solution could be the full url to that page instead of the /… only, give that a go :)?

I’m pretty sure you’d have to do that outside Grav in your .htaccess or other server config file. A standard Grav server config will intercept *.php paths, so you’d need them to find your redirects before they reach Grav’s settings. I’m 90% sure :wink:

And congratulations on behalf of all web users for taking the trouble to redirect! :slight_smile: Not even some of the giant wealthy sites like Google and Microsoft bother with this important step. I see dead links to their old URL schemes a lot, even from within their own sites.