No more grav.log

Hi All,

I have noticed that since a few days, I have no more logs on my GRAV website^^ The logfile grav.log has stopped to grow ~3Go.
I have renamed it to grav-0.log.

I thought that GRAV would have created a new grav.log …

I am wondering how I can check that all is ok. Should I restart something?


All you can do is restart webserver or php-fpm if you PHP via that, Grav has no process of itself. Check permissions on this file though, or check your remaining free space on the drive.

Thanks for the answer. There was indeed a space issue.
The issue is that I cannot restart the web server which is mutualized^^

In the admin plugin, a reinit feature could be interesting for such cases. It could check for troubles and therefore reinit logging if needed.

The log file is huge. What does it contain, do you have your own logging which causes that many entries, or is it standard Grav entries?

My mistake! It was 3Mo LOL and it contains only iplocate information. Now the grav.log has been created. I have forced the log of a dummy information to make it created. I had to modify the theme template (php file). Thanks

I will create a new post to learn how to log things from a twig file instead to modify a php.
I would like to log iplocate information in the logfile, I did it but it was not clean work.