Log directory problem with 1and1

Hi, when i make de instalation return this error:

/homepages/1/d629131943/htdocs/logs exists but is not writeable

Because this directory it’s used by 1and1 and it’s impossible change de name.

Can anyone help me? thanks.

The web user needs write access to the Grav folders. See the docs for more info.

it’s impossible make any change in this directory, it’s possible change logs directory for another one like grav_logs?

No you cannot change the name of the folder. Why can’t you change the ownership of the folder? Have you tried putting the whole Grav install in a subfolder? The web user needs write access to the Grav folders—period. So however you can accomplish that is what you need to do.

Actually… you can change the log directory. Just create a new directory at the root of your Grav install such as grav-logs/ and then also create a file called setup.php:

use Grav\Common\Utils;

return [
    'streams' => [
        'schemes' => [
            'log' => [
               'type' => 'ReadOnlyStream',
               'prefixes' => [
                   '' => ["grav-logs"],

This will set the log stream up with this new folder you created.

BTW added this to the Docs: http://localhost/grav-learn/cookbook/general-recipes#override-the-default-logs-folder-location