No "form" display template when creating form with admin?

I’ve installed grav with woo skeleton and it all looks good. Forms plugin came along with zip.

Now I’m trying to create a form using the admin interface but under the Pages|Options|Display Template drop-down I only get to choose between “Default”, “Error” and “Modular”.

When I manually change the name of the form file from “” to “” the web server returns an error page saying ‘400 - Template “form.html.twig” is not defined.’

Any ideas?

Do I need to copy a form.html.twig file to some directory or create one that includes the one needed? And if so where from and to would that be?

Thanks in advance!


The copied form.html.twig into the woo themes templates folder /my_site/user/themes/woo/templates

Now form is also in admins display templates drop-down and when saved with that template I indeed get my form.