Newbie again, is there a place for suggestions? Here is one for the Backend / Admin Section

Hello again from germany…
… i have to say this first because of my bad englisch.

My suggestion here is for discussion, because it makes no sense, when I am the only interested one.

Question: would it be a goog idea to expand the configuration part in the admin panel with an possibilty to export the configuration here as a text file (sitename inside)? The sense for me would be 2 parts:

a) i can easy make a diff of two of such files from different sites or domains
b) when in a second step there would be possibilty to import such a file in the backend…?

would this make sense for someone else? at the moment i have to look in my browser in 2 tabs or windows to see differences, scrolling inclusive. I think about one hoster, 20 domains and my best praktice way to set up a new site with grav fast and easy (as promised:-)?

ok, maybee there are other problems to solve first.

Best regards

Is this for the same site at ?

You just need to compare the yaml files below user/config. Using ssh or ansible you could easily distribute common settings w/o having to go through the admin web interface.

@gnat: yes

@lbc: Hello Stefan,
you are right. user/config/system.yaml is a file like described.

PS.: Some things are different when comparing the file and the Output in the webinterface /admin:

  • Some “Advanced” Features in the file are on top, in /admin or Webinterface at the bottom.
    Sorting and arraging of things is different
  • In /admin you can choose Yes or No and in the file things are true or enabled and so on.
  • in the file system.yaml there are parameters that you cannot change in the webinterface:
    upload_limit: 8388608 for example
  • and so on and so on.

It`s really not important at the moment. Thanks and best wishes…


Hi Eckhard,

Just an issue of presentation in the admin UI. I suggest to use the files or the admin UI, not both.

Usual flexibility in the UNIX/Linux world; you could even use 1 or 0 and probably even ON, OFF, On, oFF, you name it.

YAML files are for power users, admin UI for users, who don’t need to dig into internal stuff that much.