New Plugin: Admin Frontmatter Yaml

The project details: grav-plugin-admin-frontmatter-yaml.

In short, it lets add a functional to contain non-localized header blocks in the frontmatter.yaml file. This is allows you to avoid duplication of common values, which are saved out in a single file.

The most frequent use - for sites with content in many languages.

In Russian
При использовании этого плагина, почти все поля (это можно указывать в настройках) перемещаются в файл frontmatter.yaml, лежащий в той же папке где находится markdown-файл страницы. В файле страницы остаются только такие поля как title, metadata, taxonomy - то есть в которых могут быть строки/значения на разных языках.

Hi @igk1972, welcome to the Grav Forum!

Seems like an interesting plugin you created. I’m not quite sure how to use it.

Can you provide some more information about how to use it? Maybe write that in the README file in your repository on GitHub?

Hi @igk1972,

I think this plugin solves some of the issues I was trying to tackle for a long time! It sounds very promising.
But like @bleutzinn, I also don’t fully get how to use it. I installed it via the admin panel. But I haven’t figured out yet, what I can do with it. I see the Blocks field (default: title, metadata, taxonomy) but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on my sites.
Can you provide some more usage information, please?

Thanks a lot in advance

I am also very interested by this plugin, the way Grav manages multiple languages is one of its greatest weaknesses.

As the others said: an example would be great. Is it compatible with thad admin plugin?

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About plugin admin-frontmatter-yaml.
Support / discussions / issues -> admin-frontmatter-yaml on github

@bleutzinn, @ontime.

Short manual for plugin admin-frontmatter-yaml.

Just install Grav core, Grav Admin, and admin-frontmatter-yaml.

You can specify the names of the top level of the yaml blocks in the plugin settings.

You don’t have to do anything else.
When saving to Grav Admin, file frontmatter.yaml will be saved.

Look at

Support / discussions / issues -> admin-frontmatter-yaml on github