New pages with default frontmatter

Hi - I have been trying out Grav, and there is one thing that I find a bit puzzling.

If I want to make a new page, I have to make a folder and an md file in that folder. Is there any way to do this automatically - as far as I can see, if you want to add a page that has a lot of meta information in the frontmatter, you have to either copy a file over manually, or use the admin plugin, then add the frontmatter manually in the Advanced panel.

Seems like a clumsy way to add a post to the site. Not easy for the non techies do do.

Is there an easier way?

Hi @dcrobertson, one option is to add default data into the blueprint for that page type in the theme in question. For example, here is how I do this in my Grav Open Course Hub project:

In addition, you could also add a custom “Add Page” type button in the Admin Panel and along with this provide default data for a new page

So, for example here is my modified admin.yaml file:

And here are my two linked blueprint files:

Hope the above is of help.

Thanks for the info - I will take a look. I searched in the docs, but did not see anything. Probably staring me in the face - in 50pt type and using the ‘blink’ tag.