New Hybrid Theme

Take a look at my new site restyle, where I’ve opted to switch from Wordpress to Grav.
For the occasion, I’ve decided to create a custom Theme that is a mix between the Agency Theme and the Big Picture one (that still has many issues on mobile, no menu above all).
The result is a nimble one page Theme, with an amazing selection of fixed/masked backgrounds, that works perfectly on iOS and Android mobiles as well.
I’ve also added the feature to link directly to a modal :wink:
I can share the Theme if people like it.

Looks good!

really good !!! :smiley:

how did you do the modal linking?

I’ve finally put the theme on github for convenience. Take a look at the portfolio template: in the tag there’s a small function, that is called on document ready, taking care of the modal linking:

        if (window.location.hash) {
            setTimeout(showpanel, 500)
        function showpanel() {
        $('.close-modal, .cl').click(function(){
            window.location.hash = " "

It takes advantage of the very useful window.location.hash property, included in Grav framework, that returns any hash anchor on the URI. :wink:
The only issue was that in the original Agency theme, when you close a modal, its hash stays in the URI, so I needed to remove it everytime a modal is closed (check the last click function).
Cheer :wink:

Thank you very much!