Need SEO Plugins, any suggestions?

I need SEO Plugins for my website Call4health, Kindly give me suggestions, which seo plugin will work best?
Currently a SEO Services Prover company doing SEO of my website, but i just need to know about the usefull plugins, so that i can manage keywords and content according to my own choice.
Thanks in advance

There is no SEO plugin for Grav, as most SEO on-site “tweaks” are possible by tweaking the theme. Grav does not impose any markup, so the theme dictates the full page markup, and generally a Grav site can output very clean code, completely customizable.

Grav provides meta tags manament, 301 redirects, canonical URLs, it’s fast and allows any kind of rich snippets to be included in your markup. The Sitemap plugin provides an XML sitemap.

What would you need a SEO plugin for, mainly?

^^ Yip from someone who has been around the block with SEO I can confirm there is nothing to add to this CMS. Speed, mobility, tags, markup, redirects, all native to the CMS. Then again I think Call4health knows this and is spiking links into

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Good to hear Doug, of course if you miss something it can be added as a plugin or to the core if needed.