My personal web jotter


I made my simple personal website for storing useful things (links, notes and memories about travels, etc.) in different topics

Because i like simple things i’ve tried to make site theme lightweight and easy to use for me and maybe for other people (if someone will use my theme). Theme was wrote with pure-css and flexbox, supports some plugins - simplesearch, pagination, taxonomy, breadcrumb, archives and jscomments. Sidebar or some of it parts can be disabled.

Comments are welcome.

Nice! I like it. Mobile looks great as well. Very snappy (it is Grav after all).

Have you considered enabling gzip compression? It would reduce transfer size of your assets by a noticeable margin. For example the main page looks to be ~400kb total and the JS and CSS could be compressed by ~70%, reducing their transfer size by ~155kb. Gzip compression is highly beneficial and usually high on the list of things to look at when considering optimization.

That being said, your site loads very fast from a variety of locales as it is.

Good job! :sunglasses:

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