My big backup question

So, my question about this has to do with my entire setup, since i have a backup thing going on in a sub folder of my grav installation (might be stupid) but does grav backup everything that is within the grav installation? including subfolders that i have created? (only asking since i have been lazy to skip my config of apache.

IF grav tries to backup that 1 subfolder is there any way to exclude it from backup within grav? or do i simply have to move it and configure apache? ^^

Yes, it backups up the entire grav folder including anything you created in your user folder. The only thing it doesn’t back up is the logs, cache, etc folders. Things that are going to take up a lot of room or are temporary in nature.

So basically if my setup is /grav and i create another folder in grav “/grav/somefolder” the “somefolder” are getting included in the backup? :frowning: is there any way to exclude a folder with all it’s content? Great regards Mattish91

Maybe you should look at the more sophisticated backup plugin: