How could Grav move all its files to another directory?

On Monday I reported our Grav site had vanished without trace. In fact it had moved and overwritten a copy I had made on Friday.

I did not ask the cPanel file manager move anything on Monday, let alone overwrite a backup. One possibility is that Grav rewrote the files. Hence my question.

On Monday we had these directories:

  • Website folder: /grav-website (content updated on Monday)
  • Backup folder: /grav-website-180817/grav-website (content copied on Friday)

On Tuesday we had only one directory:

  • Backup folder: /grav-website-180817/grav-website (containing content updated on Monday)

The only clue to what happened I have is that Grav changed a url I entered on from “public_html/grav-website-180817/grav-website” to “public_html/grav-website/-180817/grav”. If you ignore /-180817 this is the same as the original “url , public_html/grav-website”.

I only ask in case there is some sort of bug or anomaly lurking.

Grav simply does not have any logic that would be able to do this.

Much more likely is its something on your hosting provider, either something automated (for backup?) or something in a script they use. Or its simply user error like accidentally dragging a folder (just an example).

That’s good news.

We will have to put it down to experience possibly an unwitting user error.

Yes, a stupid error. My previous attempts to drag and drop in cPanel failed miserably and then, assuming it was impossible, I discovered the knack when I did not want to.

Oh joy. Thanks for GRAV.