Multisites CLI settings

☆ Hello,

I have a multisites subdomain setup like:
user (theme antimatter) > sites

  • subdomain 1 (theme antimatter)
  • subdomain 2 (theme learn2)
  • subdomain 3 (theme antimatter)
  • ...

Actually, CLI setting just “see” the user theme antimatter level, so that I manually transfer folder to subdomains.

I would like to set CLI so that plugin updates and upgrades takes place naturally directly into each sites folder.

It is surely a future step for grav development… so thank you in advance for help ♪

We know that we need to make our CLI commands multisite aware. This is on our roadmap, but thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

Thanks (sorry that my question was a little heavy)
… I’m waiting then.
Today, I have found a way to have a specific _custom.scss for each multisites subdomain under the same antimatter theme (see structure in previous post above).
It was becoming necessary as the existing _custom.scss was becoming too big with 73ko stand alone!
nothing extraordinaray but as I am not a light of programmation,
… ☆ Very proud of that ♪
Long life to that extraordinary project: GRAV!!!