Multisite Quirks

Testing out using Multisite. All in all it function well but I noticed a few quirks that I am not sure if it is by design or maybe something is wrong. I have listed them below. I can see using multisite setup to create DEV/Test instance of main site. However multisite setup did not meet my expectaions of sharing themes and plugins with sub sites and mainsite, which would have been most compelling for usage.

  1. Statistics counter is not per site but show statistics for all sites
  2. Separate admin credential per site, not an issue I thought maybe it would be one login and you could maintain the various sites from that one login
  3. Plugin & Theme are not shared. I guess I could symlink them accross the various sites
  4. Unable to download plugin on sub site, got error, touch(): Unable to create file /license.yaml because Permission denied. The Main site can download and install plugin without any issue

Can you please report them in an issue on Github? So we don’t lose those