MultiSite Nginx

Hi everybody,

I am a new beginner in Grav, I tried to make multisite subdirectory via the tutorial. But It didn’t work… I have the page that indicate /usr/share/nginx/html/user/data does not exist (and pages, plugins, …) when I try the url @IO/test or @IP/resume. In the folder user I have a directory test and resume which each contains data, pages, config, …
I have follow this tutorial and copy setup_subdirectory.php in setup.php .

I use the docker with name volume for doing that.
I don’t know where I can find soluton.

Could you help me ?

Thanks for your answer.
Best regards

A single, non-multisite Grav instance works fine?

If so, try to dump the content of


in that example setup.php and find if the contain the value expected

Yes it works with mono site.
I have made several test and it works but I didn’t know if it’s the best solution.
In the directory user, I have test and resume directory (like I explain) and i have create empty dir theme, config, … and now Grav installation is “happy” to work.

Ok I will try to dump the content value of these variables.

Thanks for your response