Move Website to Testserver

I moved my lokal site to my testserver with git. Actually my normal routine. But, suprisingly on my mobile, the website is not running correctly. e.g. the Logo is not loaded and replaced by the alt tag. On my webbrowser it is running completly fine and exact same as on my local server before…

maybe you can have a look at it? I just dont get it.

@jacfab I have tested you website using Chrome on both desktop and Android.

On Android mobile using Chrome

  • Logo displays OK

Using Chrome on my desktop:

  • The logo is displayed.
  • The top of the page is cut off when the page’s height does not fit the height of the screen. Removing css '@media (min-width: 992px) {body {height: 100%}} solved that.

Thanks a lot for testing that!

The solution for the Logo was to convert the font to outlines. The browser actually rendered the svg but couldnt find the font.

The menu still isnt folding out though :weary: