More templates and the possibility to integrate templates from external providers

Hi, I’ve been looking at GRAV for a few years. The premium option is great and the prices are totally okay. But there are almost no themes!? The Typhoon theme is awesome. But it’s not enough. A larger selection would be great. I would like to be able to use current effects, moving backgrounds, everything responsive, etc. :wink: The themes from the free version are okay, but unfortunately they are very old and no longer up to date. The concept of GRAV is great and it can certainly grow really great if only there was the option to simply use many themes. A simple integration of templates from Bootstrapmade, Templatemonster, Envato e.g would be a dream. Is something like this possible or planned? Or is there already such a possibility and I’m just too blind?

@Retrofan, This forum is not visited by the devteam. You migh consider contacting the devteam directly on Github.

You can easily convert any html template into GRAV - all U need is html and GRAV basics knowledge