Modular Menus

Curious, I understand how Modular pages work, but what I don’t get is why they take over the main menu. Here is what I want …

. | Modular Page 1
. | Modular Page 2
. | Modular Page 3
About Page
Blog Page
. | Blog Post 1
. | Blog Post 2
. | Blog Post 3 … etc
Gallery Page
Contact Page

This isn’t too dissimilar from the GetGrav site.

My site is off to a good start, BUT when I change the Home Page to a Modular template (to begin the modular creation process) it confiscates the Main Menu for its own sub-pages and the About, Blog, Gallery and Contact pages are no longer in the menu.

I’m sure I’ve missed something somewhere … Suggestions?

Brian U.

Second problem … the Display Templates (for Showcase, Feature and Text), to begin creating the modular sub-pages, do not show in the admin dropdown.

I am utilizing inheritance on the site, could that be an issue?

Mmmm… could be. Please create an issue on the repo issues list:

I have the same issue
If I add modular page on home page (to ad showcase picture) my main menu become modular page sub pages

my pages

my test site

Also it seems that i cannot manage modification on Home page because if I edit home page

I cannot select modular page on dropdown
==> of Home page is replaced by the first line of the dropdown

I fixed this by starting a new site with the “One-Page Site” skeleton, then simply started adding blog pages. The menus can be fixed by applying these instructions …

Hope that helps (worked well for me).

I just add
onpage_menu: false
on file and it is OK now