Modular containing same module multiple times


I’m building a single page site and want to include a module (_contact) multiple times. is there a way to achieve this?

Tried the following (

  items: '@self.modular'
    dir: asc
    by: default
      - _showcase
      - _in-page-navigation
      - _steps
      - _contact
      - _prices
      - _examples
      - _contact

Thanks in advance


One way to to do this is to create a page/template somewhere and set the page for content in the template, that way you can simply include the template on any page, (modular or not) and it will render with the right content.

If the contact modular page is basically a form, you are able to access any form on any page, just include the appropriate twig template. See this:

Do you mean a PHP include in the modular template?

it’s a twig include, the link he provided shows it clearly

The manual states:
Twig processing as well as page cache should be disabled to ensure the form is dynamically processed on the page and not statically cached and form handling can occur.

title: Page with Forms
  twig: true <-- typo?&quest;
cache_enable: false

Is this a typo?

I think the typo is on the line above,