Mod_rewrite help

I have a need for mod_rewrite and specifically using the pass through flag. I am trying to redirect from a URL that does not exist through to one that does, and each time I am returned the Grav 404 page for my site. This is an example of the rule that I am using:

RewriteRule ^technologies/analytics/gettingstarted/?$ /gettingstarted/analytics/ [PT,L]

If I change the rule up a little to the following, it works:

RewriteRule ^technologies/analytics/gettingstarted/?$ /test.html [PT,L]

Any help / insight would be appreciated.

I ditched the mod_rewrite and started using the Grav routing.

Updated… Due to a fatal error I am getting with the internal routing, I am back to investigating the mod_rewrites as a solution.

Updated again, figured out why Grav was throwing fatal exception and will address in another issue (Fatal error when routing to page that is not found)