Missing images - but only in some browsers!?

Hi, I wanted to make a page with pictures of people who work in our research group, so I hacked the “features” template of quark, replacing icons with images. So far so good, and when I was developing the page I mostly used safari. In safari, the page works fine all the time. The page is here:


Then, I looked using chrome, and found that some fraction of the images were missing. When I reloaded, some of the missing images were loaded, while others disappeared. For sure, all of the images are available on the server, they load when I point the browser at them individually.

When I “inspect” a missing image chrome tells me:

Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 508 ()

So my question is, how can my simple page lead to an overload like this? I have 34 images, each about 40kB, so really not much.

The page is here if anyone wants to play and make suggestions!

The hacked feature code, that builds the page, looks like this:

{% set grid_size = theme_var(‘grid-size’) %}
{% set columns = page.header.class == ‘small’ ? ‘col-3 col-md-4 col-sm-6’ : ‘col-4 col-md-6 col-sm-12’ %}

            {{ content|raw }}

            <div class="columns">
            {% for feature in page.header.features %}
               <div class="column {{ columns }}">
                  <div class="feature-image" style="font-weight: bold">
                     <img src="{{feature.image}}" width="100%" height="100%">
                     {% if feature.name %}
                      <br>  {{ feature.name }}
                     {% endif %}
                  <div class="feature-content">
                     {% if feature.text1 %}
                    {{ feature.text1 }} <br>
                     {% endif %}
                     {% if feature.text2 %}
                     {{ feature.text2 }} <br>
                     {% endif %}
                     {% if feature.url %}
                     <a href="{{feature.url}}">{{ feature.url_text }}</a>
                     {% endif %}
            {% endfor %}

Small update… I improved the situation a little by using lazyloading, as seen here:


but if you scroll too fast, it gives the same error!