Minify Breaks CSS Layout?

If I enable the asset pipeline with minification and re-write on, my CSS layout is broken. If it’s just the pipeline and re-write, it’s fine.

Does Grav do anything unusual in it’s minify routines?

We use the Minify library for minification. We do a little bit of extra work to support fonts and such. I would really need to see how it’s breaking. Could be a bug in the Minify library itself. I’ve already fixed a couple.

I suspect it’s a little complicated to debug. If I get some extra time, I’ll try to concoct a minimal test case.

Still digging. I don’t think it’s the asset pipeline at all now. Turning off the debugger causes the same CSS layout problem, so it’s in my CSS. Somehow the debugger pane causes a change in behavior. More digging…

If you can give me a URL where you are seeing the problem (perhaps a copy of your site with those settings enabled), I can have a poke about and see what’s what?

Go to Scroll all the way to the very, very bottom. You’ll see a vertical gap between the bottom of the pagination area and the colored footer at the bottom.

If the Grav debugger is off, then the gap is less by the height of the Grav Debugger logo in the bottom left-hand corner.

Maybe it’s still my CSS?