Minified Icomoon icons

I just noticed an interesting bug with minifying local fonts. I have a small iconset from Icomoon, which I use with the with the Notepad theme as replacements for the defaults (in the footer). I serve this through local css (unminified, at the top), in its embedded form, but the font does not render when minfication (and pipelining) is enabled in Grav.

Here’s an Image, and the live site (see bottom for footer). Any thoughts on why the font does not render when minified?

How do you include the font? Can you show me the twig/markdown/… code of how you load the icomoon font?

I queue custom.css from base.html.twig (inherent to the theme), like so: {% do assets.addCss('theme://css/custom.css') %}. This custom css is the same as the local css linked above. Basically embedded and the inclusion of icomoon.eot.

This appears resolved by performing a bin/grav clear-cache server-side.