May we create and sell premium themes?

I hear there will be a repository for premium themes in the future. Any rough ETA on that? And will independent developers be able to add their own? And in the mean time, would it be legal to sell themes independently to be manually installed? I may keep my themes free anyway, but I’m curious about my options. Thanks.

It’s totally fine to create premium themes and sell them independently.

The marketplace is still very much in early discussion phases to determine the best approach. When we have this it will enable you to advertise/make available your theme via our site and also the built-in installer. Then after purchase, it will enable easy updates. Obviously that is a better prospect for theme/plugin developers, but it’s complicated for a number of reasons. Some relate to how we would have to deal with payments/taxes. Other problems relate to how we would distribute those updates via GPM and ensure the user is authorized.

Anyway, it’s not an easy thing to fix, but something we are going to have to solve pretty quickly and is essential to support the marketplace.