Markdown Header


I would like when I add #exampleheader at the end of my link , to arrive directly at the header in my page like in github with this link : you arrive directly in the chapter “adding-functionality”. How can I do that please ? by default it doesn’t work

And if I can have the bottom on the left or right for access directly at the header.

You just need to use named anchors within the page, as explained here. Similarly, for a link “to the top” you would add a <a name="top"></a> and <a href="#top">To the top!</a>.

Oh thanks I’m going to look that, but it’s supposed to do automatically , isn’t it ?

Not really, you’d have to follow the correct syntax to have it “natively”. If I recall correctly, that would be:

# Header1


humm, this syntax doesn’t work

You would have to enable Markdown Extra in your system.yaml. Syntax should work like this.