MAMP PHP version not recognized ?!

Hello, the OSX Terminal does not run any Grav commands. A message tells about the wrong PHP version. This PHP version info seems to come from OSX, but I am using MAMP with higher and correct PHP to fulfill GRAVs requirements. The MAMP PHP is not recognized. How to tell Terminal or GRAV the correct PHP version/location !?
Thanks in advance.

Really you need to set up your terminal to use the correct version of PHP or you will have to enter the full path to MAMP’s PHP before every command. Not fun.

Solution is simple though:

Thanks for your quick reply. I found exactly the same link before I ‘ve written my question. Unfortunately, it does not really help me. I am not that server/shell-guru person ; I understand 50%, but I don’t know what is the final solution or how to apply it.
I wonder why Grav does not simply use my PHP from MAMP… this is the only running server, IMHO. Shouldn’t it pickup the running environment automatically? (sorry for my limited knowledge in this area. Not my daily business and focus.)
I am mainly interested to get the Admin-plugin BETA running. But it throws an exception error. I guess, my Grav installation or the plugin install is not complete yet.

PHP has no way of knowing what software is installed on your computer. Grav has no way to know which PHP you want to use from the terminal, you have to tell it.

If that first link didn’t help, try this:

Hey, tried the steps numbered with 1. to 4. in first link. Now, the terminal shows the newer Version of PHP. Seems to work now.
I had to modify the steps to my OSX PHP and MAMP PHP version number.
Dumb question: Do I have to re-apply this after Restarting the machine?

It’s all explained in the link rhukster gave you. I recommend changing the PATH variable (i.e. this answer:

Do I have to re-apply this after Restarting the machine?

Nope, it’s a one-time thing.

SOLVED! :slight_smile:
Would like to add this “label” to my initial question, but I can’t edit it.
Anyway, thanks again for your fast response and help.