Make frontpage aggregate from two sub-page page.collections

Hello, I have successfully created two different page.collections from the subpages ‘/podcasts’ and ‘/places’ - which individually works as two different blogs within my blog. What I mean is, that I update both of these parts of my website as I would update a blog. When I go to /podcasts the page shows all posts within this section, just like a normal blog - the same goes for /places.

However, I would like to make the front page of my website show posts from /podcasts and /places only. The front page is located in the /home part of the website, and it is the alias for home. I have tried using @root.children, @page.children ets under items - without any luck

Can anyone help me, please?


I think you need use the modular page:

You can create a single collection from multiple query types. Check out the collection docs.

Thanks guys - I’ll give it a try.