Maintenance and login problems

Dear friends,

I have 2 problems with my grav site (grav v1.7.33-admin v1.10.33.1 - Shop Site Skeleton)

  1. I cannot find where to change the text on the login/maintenance page : Site Offline
    Please check back soon…". I tried changing the [pages/], but it didn’t work. Besides, in this .md only “site offline” is mentioned. I cannot find the “Please check back soon” anywhere

  2. I tried reinstall the maintenance plugin, deleted the existing accounts and recreated the same accounts (admin and guest) with same previous passwords. But this only led to a new problem. I now have to type in the login/pass combo twice for the guest account before i get acces. I used different pc’s, different browsers, cleared cache, but to no avail.

Can anybody please help?

Thx in advance…