Login route change after Grav update

Hi All,

I’m facing a tricky issue and don"t know how to fix it.

I developped a site with Grav 1.7.5 with Login plugin, and it works fine:

I’ve searched and dit not find any workaround or solution. Any suggestion or idea?


@Raph31t, When things go wrong, it’s always a good idea to check/search the issue section of Grav or its plugins. In this case the Login plugin.

Here’s the same/simalar issue (July 2019) , which is partly fixed, but still happens in certain circumstances.

You might want to add a comment to the issue that you have stumbled upon it.

@ pamtbaau, thanks for your reply. I’ve searched but not used the correct key words.

Unfortunately there is no solution to my problem, as the bug is still opened. It work in 1.7.5 and not in 1.7.13.

I will change the default page after a login as a bypass.

Thanks again.

@Raph31t, If you want a fix, you might consider adding a new comment to the issue.

Thanks for the advice. I tried to update/comment the issue on the source repo.

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