'Mailto' links cause Server Error


I use Grav v1.7.7 - Admin panel v1.10.6
Since the last update, links in the format mailto:user@address.com cause the page not to display. Instead, the page displays an error :

Server Error
Sorry, something went terribly wrong!
E_WARNING - Undefined array key "target"

I tried both syntax :
<a href="mailto:{{ 'user@address.com'|safe_email }}">**user@address.com**</a>
but none is working.

Is my syntax wrong or is this a bug ?

Note : I also saw on this forum that this issue already occured in 2016 and was corrected by developpers (Link of the post).

Upgrading our version of Grave to v1.7.10 solved the bug.

Thanks for this forum, it is helpful :slight_smile:

@csc, Iā€™m afraid I cannot reproduce the issue on a fresh installation of Grav 1.7.10 + Admin.

Both syntaxes create valid anchors without throwing errors.

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