Losing content after theme inheritance

I’m working on the RTFM skeleton, and have setup a custom theme for some minor customizations, following the theme inheritance best practices delineated at the docs.

But when I activate the custom theme, some content (more specifically, the horizontal bar where the breadcrumbs and github link should be) just disappears. Anyone knows what could be causing this?

do you have a base yaml file with the same values as the learn2 theme? If you don’t have this it might not be finding the right values.

Thanks for your reply.

I have only added the values that are shown in the docs. For example, I have a mytheme.yaml with the following content:

     type: ReadOnlyStream
         - user/themes/mytheme
         - user/themes/learn2

Are there any other values that might need to be added?

(The blueprints.yaml and mytheme.php also have the same content suggested by the docs, with Learn2 instead of Antimatter).

You need to replicate the config of the theme you’re inheriting. This is because that theme determines if it should show or not some things, based on mytheme.yaml, but some options are defined in learn2.yaml.

Thanks guys, I added the contents of learn2.yaml into mytheme.yaml and now it’s perfect.