Login problem after change custom_base_url

Hi, I cant login to admin after set custom_base_url in system.yaml. or thru web-admin.
What Im doing wrong?
Thank you

@freebeart, Not sure why you changed it, but if you want to run Grav from a subfolder instead of the root of your domain, try the following from the docs: Change the site Url

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Hi, Thank you for response…

I use Grav on alias… so after click each link … the url look-like this…


Change base will fix it… to http://www.mydomain.com/home, but I cant login… the guide did not help. … what Im doing wrong… thank you

@freebeart, I’m a noob on infra, so I can’t really help you…

But you did… Session was the problem… if i corrected the path… it is o.k now… Thank you very much pamtbaau

@freebeart, Are you saying you didn’t follow the guide correctly…??? :wink:

Anyway, good to know it as been fixed. Please mark the questions as ‘solved’ by ticking the ‘solution’ icon in one of the replies.