Local video responsive

Hello, I’m looking for a way to get a local on the hosting server stored video responsive. It works perfectly with videos from YouTube, but not with ones that are stored locally. I’m using GRAV 1.6.17 and it’s my first GRAV site.

I embedd with

![VS Bad Gams Feuerwehrübung](VS-Bad-Gams-Feuerwehruebung.mp4?loop=0&controls=1&autoplay=0&resize=350)

If I leave the resize option the video is displyed in FullHD - means way bigger than the content area. If I’m using 700px, which is perfect for desktop, its bigger than the mobile content area.

Any hint for me?

You’ll probably want to check the markup and the css applied to the video.

If you have the YouTube Plugin installed you should also be able to use it’s CSS class for that: grav-youtube

You could then make a Div to wrap around your Markdown or the super useful ShortCode Core Plugin:

[div class="grav-youtube"]
![VS Bad Gams Feuerwehrübung](VS-Bad-Gams-Feuerwehruebung.mp4?loop=0&controls=1&autoplay=0&resize=350)

The above is not tested, but I think it should work🙂

Thanks for the hint - yes it works, but not in the way it should. If I’m using the grav-youtube-class, GRAV shows something like a container in the correct size (=content width) but the video inside this “window” gets cropped in a way that I just see the top left corner of the video without the controls. But it does not resize the video itself.

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Perhaps someone else here might have another idea?