Loading list takes long time

we are using a frontmatter form in the Grav admin panel with a very large number of inputs (1000+).

It takes incredibly long time for it to load and interfacing with the form is very had. From our analysis, the form seems to firstly load the contents of the markdown using PHP. Then it uses JS to parse this data into HTML. We have all the list items collapsed by default, we only use them as fieldsets. But the current JS parses all of the internal list items as hidden items. We suspect that this unnecessary parsing is what takes such long time.

We would like to edit the JS function so that it only parses only the list items names, like this:

Only when you would click the uncollapse arrow, you would activate a JS which would parse that part of the form. That way the parsing shouldn’t take so long. Another solution would be to divide the list element into multiple pages.

The problem is that we cannot find the original JS functions which do this loading. Only thing we could find is “admin.min.js” which is minified so it doesn’t help us very much.

Could you please point us to the right direction? Thanks.

@Jakub_Nagy, I think the chances on a detailed reply will be higher when you post this question/issue on the Github repo of the Admin plugin. That’s where the developers live…

I’m still wondering if a user interface consisting of 1000+ fields will be pleasant to work with…

Okay, thanks for the suggestion. I’m going to post it there.

As I said, we can divide the list element into a set of pages with only 10 items in each page. You could switch the pages on the bottom. But in order to do this we would need to play around with the HTML, CSS and JS of the Admin plugin.