Lists in '- - - | - - -' Markdown

I use deliver and I’m learning to work with markdown for text in grids.
It’s pretty nice and working on it is enjoyable.
What I haven’t figured out is how to use lists (that works with html though)
As soon I set double spacing, the text seems to escape (leave the div/grid/paragraph) from the grid.
Is it possible to use lists in this case?
At the moment I have this construction (without the quotes):

‘heading 1 | heading 2’
’— | —’
‘text under heading 1| text under heading 2’

Do you mean tables?

I mean lists like

 * list item
 * another list item
    * next level list item
 * third list item

Will give you:

  • list item
  • another list item
    • next level list item
  • third list item

This didn’t work unfortunately.
It was the first I have tried.

Nor 1. or 2. worked for numberes lists.

The ul html code surprisingely works as written in start topic

If you added correct spacing there is no way it didn’t work.

Did you try entering list inside this table?

yes, I tried to set the ‘stars’ where ‘text under heading 1’ is.
I wrote all list entries in one line, set the pipeline stroke, and continued in the same line with another list for 'text under heading 2’
The spacing between | of course was set to both sides.

Inserting list inside a table is not possible, as the Markdown spec says:

Cell content must be on one line only

ok, but it works with the html code

Yes, it does. You can insert list in the table cell via HTML, and you can instert HTML into Markdown.

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