Linux terminal to windows command line

Sorry for the newbie question but how would you translate those commands and file architecture (linux terminal) to windows (command line)?
I am trying to update some skeletons in order to install the admin plugin but fail to do so .

bin/gpm version -f
bin/gpm selfupgrade
bin/gpm install admin

@Barbas, On the documentation site of Grav, there is chapter on the CLI and also specifically for Windows.

In short: After setting up PHP on Windows (not part of docs) you can use:
$ php grav/gpm index

Alternatively, you could install Windows Subsystem for Linux and use all the Linux goodies in WSL.

Thanks I’ll check them out

I found a comprehensive “guide” here

@Barbas, Has it solved your issue? If so, please markt your own post as solved by ticking the ‘solution’ icon in your own reply.