Limit specific (modular) pages

I playing a few days now with GRAV and it is an awesome cms :slight_smile:
Next step trying making a theme with modular pages.
I’m reading the docs
What i will try to do:

  • adding 3 social media icons to the theme with modular pages (_social).

Question: is it possible limit specific modular pages? In my example max. 3 ‘_social’ pages.

There is no mechanism to tell a page to only support 3 modular childs.

Modular pages are usually pages with different blocks, like in this screenshot.

If you want to add those 3 icons globally, a better option is to have a list field in the theme configuration, which in the next Admin release will support having a “max” attribute ( to limit the number of items you can have in a list. An example of a list can be found in Antimatter’s “Showcase” modular page:

Hi @flavioscopes,
Thank you for the useful info.
Good tip for adding this fields in theme config file.