Lighttpd Blank Page

I’ve been trying to get Grav working under my Lighttpd 1.4.35 installation for hours and I am still not sure what is wrong.

Every single setup (skeletons, core, core + admin) shows me a blank page when I try to load it in my browser with the page source being nothing.
I checked all the PHP requirements and I have redirects set, PHP errors turned on, but nothing shows up on the blank page.

Any help?

I should also mention that I checked for permissions and they seem to be correct, but I may be wrong about that.

Did you use the sample webserver-configs/lighttpd.conf file as the base configuration file???

Have you double-checked with a simple PHP file containing phpinfo(); command to see if you have PHP working with the required PHP requirements?

Yes and yes.
The example config is being include’d in lighttpd.conf, phpinfo shows all the required plugins, so I am really not sure what is wrong.

I thought maybe I missed a module needed for the example rules, but rewrite and redirect are both on.

My only thought is that it’s my SSL setup messing with me.

Figured it out on my own, so just posting solution for others:

Turns out permissions were actually wrong. Not sure why, but global error reports in php.ini wouldn’t click in, so I took a backdoor approach and called index.php from another script, which then told me that index.php can’t make a directory due to permissions.
Some checking (ps aux | grep light, namely) showed that apparently lighttpd daemon wasn’t run by the user I though it was. After chowning the grav_path to the right person, it was all good.

Thanks for replying though.