Learn2 with git sync - welcome page independent from numeric chapters

I want to achieve having a startpage that works independently from the numeric chapters. Just creating a new page does not work so I am a bit lost how to achieve that. Could someone please assist?

Hello @sabih, the Learn2 with Git Sync theme (a modified version of the Learn2 theme) does not really provide built-in support for something like that (from what I know).

Might hiding the Chapter #'s help? If so, you could do this by using the following CSS:

#sidebar ul.topics > li > a b
    visibility: hidden;

Hi Paul,

appreciate your answer. I was afraid of that but though the CSS solution does well. :slight_smile: Thank you very much.

Actually, there is one option which might meet your needs:

  1. Create a folder called 01.startpage
  2. Renumber the existing folders, starting at 02. etc.
  3. Create a markdown file in 01.startpagecalled docs.md
  4. Enter your startpage content into the newly created file docs.md
  5. Go to site config options and set your homepage to the new start page

Let me know if this works for you.