Learn and sidebar- How to move?

Hello everyone,
Grav is a great tool to document my work. Congratulations to the developers.

I chose the Learn theme that is most appropriate for my need, but I need to integrate it visually with the rest of the site.

I tried using IFRAME, but let’s face it it’s not pretty.

Site with IFRAME: https://www.mundophpbb.com.br/docs/phpbb.html

So I decided to redesign the LEARN theme, it was easy, I created two files, header.html.twig and footer.html.twig and included in the base.html.twig file
according to the link below, however I can’t undo the sidebar and place it next to the content,


Best Regards,

My mistake, it was enough to change it in the CSS.

Now I can’t bring the content to the top according to the link https://www.mundophpbb.com.br/docs/teste/