Language switcher with short language notation

Does anybody know how the language switcher plugin sets the language links in a short notation? For instance, instead of ‘English’ I would like to show ‘EN’

@TonHaarmans, Try the following steps:

  • Copy file /user/plugins/langswitcher/templates/partials/langswitcher.html.twig from the Langswitcher plugin, into your inherited theme’s folder /user/themes/mytheme/templates/partials/.

  • In that copied file, on line 26, replace {{ native_name(language)|capitalize }} with {{ language|upper }}:

    Resulting in:

    <li><a href="{{ lang_url ~ uri.params }}" class="external{{ active_class }}">{{ language|upper }}</a></li>

Please note that you should make the changes in an inherited theme, else your changes will be lost when Langswitcher gets updated.

Thanks pamtbau!
worked like a charm!!!