Language-selector plugin, change selection

Hi everybody

I am using the language-selector plugin.

I would like to change the drop-down entries like having “EN” and “DE” (instead of “English” and “Deutsch”).

I did not find any place to change this -

Appreciate any feedback.

@iclou, You could try the following:

  • If not already, please create an inherited theme.
    Let’s assume you called it ‘mytheme’
  • Copy file /user/plugins/language-selector/templates/partials/language-selector.html.twig' into folder '/user/themes/mytheme/templates/partials
  • In the copied file make two changes:
    • Replace line 7 with: {{ language_selector.current | upper }}
    • Replace line 41 with: {{ language | upper }}

Thanks so much - I already use a derived thema and with your hint it works like a charm!
Best wishes !