Landio SCSS to CSS


I’m interested about the workflow in the theme. I am fairly new to compiling scss but still managed to easily follow the documentation on Antimatter theme in setting up a compiler to watch for the parent theme scss folder but things get a bit more complicated when using Landio theme with bootstrap.

I would like to have the bootstrap scss files intact and only make modifications to a custom.scss file so that I can use all the power available in scss like override bootstrap mixins etc.

I and surely many others would be interested in the workflow for compiling the scss to css with bootsrap and maybe even how to use these tools in the same worklow whose config files come with the landio theme (and what do they actually do).



I had the compiler give me errors when using with bootstrap, but not any with antimatter. I guess there shouldn’t be errors?

Thanks a ton,

Using windows btw if that makes any difference.