Landio multi language

I am using Landio skeleton for a multilanguage website. All is fine but the header.
Header and Footer texts are hardcoded into site.yaml

title: ', blissful innovation.'
description: 'Craft your journey, absolutely free, with Admin plugin support..'
text: 'Some Button’
url: '
icon: sketch
text: 'Terms & Conditions’
url: ‘#’
text: Legals
url: ‘#’

Is there a solution to provide multilanguage for those texts?

I try to understand how to translate but the doc laks some informations.

site.yaml contain:
-header: title: ', blissful innovation.' description: 'Craft your journey, <em>absolutely free</em>, with <a href="#" class="jumbolink">Admin plugin support.</a>.' buttons: - text: 'Some Button' url: '' icon: sketch -

header.html.twig contain (added the |t):

{{ site.header.title|t }}

{{ site.header.description }}

{% for item in site.header.buttons %} -```

Then I created a /user/languages folder (it does not exist) and put in it a fr.yaml file.

I tried without success:
-SITE_HEADER_TITLE: 'ma traduction' SITE.HEADER.TITLE: 'ma traduction' -
Help really appreciated. Thanks.

I finaly found that:

Site.yaml must be

fr.yaml must be
SITE_HEADER_TITLE: ‘my translated text’

and header.hml.twig

{{ site.header.title|t }}

I do not undestrand why this skeleton is not provided ready for translation

Note: Am I alone to find that this forum need more text contrast for better readability?