Translations for site.yaml?


I currently build a grav page in english and german.

I currently have the links for my navigation defined in site.yaml because some pages shouldn’t be shown in the navigation so I can’t just loop over all pages.

However I haven’t figured out where I can put the translations for site.yaml.

Could you provide an example where to put the translations if in site.yaml I have:

text: Linktext
link: link

Thank you!

Have you read the docs on multi-language support? You would put site-wide translations in languages.yaml.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I read the docs but they didn’t really help me. In site.yaml I have an array

    text: 'Für Brands'
    link: 'brand'
    text: 'Für Retailer'
    link: 'retailer'

How would I translate those in languages.yaml?

Would I insert there

            text: 'For Brands'

How do I reference that site.yaml's content is supposed to be replaced?

Read responses of @flaviocopes and @rhukster in!/general:translation-of-site-title.

I show an example with which I translated the metadata description in site.yaml file.

In site.yaml files, I replaced Grav is an easy to use, yet powerful, open source flat-file CMS with METADATA_DESCRIPTION.

In metadata.html.twig file I added |t to translate, so from {{ meta.content }} to {{ meta.content }}.

Inside user/languages/en.yaml I added METADATA_DESCRIPTION: Grav is an easy ....

Inside user/languages/it.yaml I added METADATA_DESCRIPTION: Grav è un facile ....

It works

Great! I’m glad you got it worked out.

The second one {{ meta.content }} it’s wrong.
it’s right {{ meta.content|t }}

@iusvar: Thank you so much!