Just add new section

I would just add a news / blog section on a squette in my case it is x-corporation.
everything I try does not work,
can you advise me?

@marc63400, No idea what squette means…

Anyway, theme x-corporation doesn’t seem to have the templates needed for creating a blog.

You could try to copy and adapt blog related template files from Quark, like

  • /templates/blog.html.twig
  • /templates/partials/blog/*
  • /templates/partials/blog*.html.twig

Be sure to create changes in an inherited theme, else you will loose your changes when a new version of x-corporation is released. See Theme Inheritance, step 1-5

My suggestion seems to be more complex then I thought…

  • It requires more templates to copy and also some javascript files.
  • The biggest problem however, is that X-Corportation is quite a bit older then Quark and doesn’t have a similar template and blocks structure. That means templates of X-Corporation need quite a bit of adaptation to fit in the blog templates.