Italics Not Rendering

Here’s an odd one … I’m using the Learn2 theme, but all italics on the site do not render (translate from Markdown into HTML).


How are are you doing the italics? Do the italics render as <i></i> in the output? What font are you using?

Creating them in the Admin area … italics

Rats … underscores

I found this remembering that I had figured it out once before but forgot how! The italic versions of the fonts aren’t being called by the CSS. I submitted an issue here, but it comes down to this – change this line in user/themes/learn2/scss/theme/_fonts.scss:

@import url(//


@import url(//

and then run the script at the top of the learn2 theme for it to process the change. You can kill it off once it’s done its business, unless you plan on making more SCSS changes. (I think that’s how SCSS is supposed to work – it’s all new to me.)