Issue with webm video files due to incorrect default configuration

It looks like webm encoded video files are not rendered correctly when used within md files like follows:


After some investigation, I’ve found out that there seems to be a typo in the default configuration of media types which ships with GRAV.

    type: file
    thumb: media/thumb-webm.png
    mime: video/webm

Should rather be:

    type: video
    thumb: media/thumb-webm.png
    mime: video/webm

At least - if I change the type from text to video, everything seems to work properly.

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I can confirm that I am not able to use webm videos in grav pages.

@mos0711 — I am interested in where exactly the media type config description is saved so as to edit / try this trick myself, also having trouble with webm files!


sorry - -just found it! system/config/media.yaml for those who are running into same issue!

copying this yaml file into user/config/media.yaml and making the edit suggested by @mos0711 worked for me.