Is Grav suitable for a Quoting/Invoicing System

Hello Grav

I have been investigating at length the powers of Laravel/Symfony but cannot get them to play nice with a document-based db like Mongo and what’s more I believe these powerful frameworks to be overkill for my very low-traffic, high-yield site.

My application is for a high end bespoke inbound tour operator with a small but complex and dynamic product base - hotels, activities, guides, car hire etc. - with a diverse and unstructured attribute and pricing scheme - hotel amenities, extras, specials, high-season/low-season, price per room, per person sharing, single supplements, specials etc. etc. etc. And with this highly unstructured product base comes even more diverse and unstructured quotes/itineraries in which any combination of products and services is possible.

After a brief inspection of Grav, I’m quite excited by the prospect as it seems I can mimic the document-based data storage of mongoDB without the hassle of outdated/incompatible ORMs and endless CRUD operations. However, I don’t want to lose more weeks (and hair) trying it out only to discover th is solution is not fit for purpose either.

In a nutshell can I easily build a CRM-like product catalogue, quoting, ordering, invoicing back-office system with Grav or am I better off building a solution from scratch with one of the MVC frameworks and a document-based DB?

For an example (albiet rather clunky and errgly) of what I need to build have a look at

Your input greatly appreciated.



Well, Grav is designed purely for creating content-based web sites. Grav really doesn’t have a full framework and is nothing like Laravel/Symfony even though we do use some Symfony components to make the magic happen.

However, it does have a sophisticated plugin system that allows you to develop pretty much anything you want. So you can build complex things if you want. The admin plugin is a prime example of this, it uses forms, email, and login plugins along with the logic in admin itself to build a fully functional admin for Grav. Also there’s a shopping cart plugin that provides relatively sophisticated functionality. So Grav is quite simple to extend and build complex functionality on top of, there really are no limitations, and you can use pretty much whatever PHP technologies you wish.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll have a deeper look at creating plugins and extending the functionality. Either way, my compliments to you on a beautiful CMS.